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Membership is integral to how Island Nature Trust works. We were founded by a small group of Islanders who saw the pressing need for an independent, private, action-oriented land trust.

Our members continue to keep us grounded in the communities of Prince Edward Island, understanding rural histories, landscapes and local needs.

For a small annual fee, you can become a member and contribute to the strength of Island Nature Trust. Our properties are protected forever, and we intend to be around that long to steward them!

Your membership gives us strength in numbers and shows governments, policy-makers, philanthropists and others that we are here to stay, stewarding land for wildlife and future generations.

Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter here to receive news about upcoming events, fundraising campaigns and conservation projects.

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By setting up regular automated transfers, you can establish a consistent giving pattern, which helps INT better plan and allocate resources for ongoing projects and initiatives. This predictable income stream enables us to be more proactive in our conservation efforts and respond to emerging challenges swiftly.