Walk to St. Peter's Island (Public)

Join us for our annual walk across the tidal flats to St. Peter's Island. This event is open to the general public.

We will walk over on the dropping tide and enjoy some time exploring the island before we race the incoming tide to make it back to the mainland! We will discuss the rich history of St Peter’s Island, from farming to fishing to fossils.

Note: Please bring enough water and your lunch. It is important that appropriate footwear and clothing are worn for this event. Make sure you are wearing something you are prepared to get wet in. On the walk back the water may be quite high. Wear light old sneakers or closed toe sandals. DO NOT wear open sandals. DO NOT wear rubber boots. The water can get high enough to fill your boots. We are moving with the tides- leaving at the appropriate time is crucial to avoid getting stuck at St. Peter's Island! The walk will take about 4 hours and be approximately 6km.

August 11th, 2023 from 10:45 AM to  2:45 PM
Event Fee(s)
$5 CA$5.00
$10 CA$10.00
$20 (suggested) CA$20.00
$50 CA$50.00
$100 CA$100.00
I prefer not to donate. CA$0.00